Working in her dad’s garage from a young age, Mallory’s interest for classic cars grew, receiving her first car at a ripe old age of 10.

“I inherited my dad’s passion for classic Australian and American cars from a very young age, especially Corvettes and Cadillacs,” Mallory said. 

Mallory’s passion for these cars remained and she is now the owner of a much-loved Corvette. Keeping with the theme, she also named her German Shepherd, Cadillac.

Mallory recently received her W1LD72 custom plates as a birthday gift from her mum and dad.

“My mum chose the combination because apparently I have always been the wild child and now I have these special plates on my ’72 Corvette Stingray,” she said.

Mallory’s love for the style of classic cars - chrome bumpers and all-round class - gives her joy, jumping into them for a drive. She also drives a ‘55 FJ Holden, which was previously her dad’s car and something she will never part with.

Her local community share her appreciation for these classic cars or ‘cruisers’ as she affectionately calls her collection.

“Classic cars stir up a sense of nostalgia for a lot of people and I have many coming up to me, particularly when they see my FJ, as it reminds them of happy memories, sometimes of an early model Holden they once owned or one their parents drove.”

“Another time, when I drove my red Chevy pickup truck, a little boy with the biggest smile tugged his mum’s sleeve and pointed at my truck in excitement, as if one of his Hot Wheels cars had come to life.”

“Cars of bygone eras really bring people together and are built to last,” Mallory said.

Mallory has built her classic car collection over the years and often finds them through local sales or other collectors.

Sharing her passion for classic cars within her local community has also connected her to those who appreciate vintage glamour. When Mallory isn’t in her garage working on cars, she’s helping women feel empowered through her photography business, or sharing her passions and vintage-loving lifestyle online at Mallory Holley Studios. Her classic cars are often featured in her photo shoots and videos.

Matching her style to her car and plates, Mallory says you’ve got to enjoy life.

“You have to live life and do what you love and for me, it’s working on and cruising in my cars”.

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Mallory’s ’72 Corvette Stingray with her W1LD72 custom plates.

Mallory’s FJ Holden with a replication of the original pressed metal plates.

HA3ARD plates touch on Mallory’s love for Dukes of Hazzard with the colour scheme as a reference to a hazard sign, displayed on her C10 Chevy with her dog, Cadillac next to it.