30 April 2018

Have you ever experienced lower-back pain, tight hips, even sore shoulders, after sitting in the car for a couple of hours on a long trip?

When you think about the amount of time most people spend sitting down each day, it’s not surprising that adding in another couple of hours cramped up in your car on the road can cause issues for most people when it comes to posture and unwanted pain/tightness (anterior pelvic tilt, rounded shoulders, lazy glutes and hamstrings tend to be the main offenders here).

If you’re spending multiple hours in a seated position, more often than not these symptoms are inevitable, although there are a number of great stretches you can be doing to help counteract the effects of sitting down for so long.

#1 Hip flexor stretch

 Hip flexor stretch 

#2 Hamstring stretch

 Ham string stretch

#3 Glute stretch

 Glute stretch

#4 Lower-back stretch

 Lower back stretch

#5 Pec stretch

 Pec stretch


Spend 45-60 seconds on each side of your body for all 5 stretches on each stop during your next long trip.


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