Enson is the ultimate car enthusiast with an impressive car collection and matching custom plates to boot.

When he found out he could personalise his plates, he tried putting in funny and different combinations and that’s when he became hooked. Enson now has more than 15 custom plates as part of his personal collection.

When choosing a plate, Enson doesn’t just look at the combination of letters and numbers but also has a knack for seeing the shape and design each combination brings.

“My first plate – a Japanese plate - has a mixture of the letters ‘W’ and ‘M’ as I liked the pattern it created which looks like spiky animal teeth,” Enson explained.

His first plate is his most special and has found a home on many of his cars.

“WMWMWM is my signature plate and I’ve had so many people come up and take photos, asking about it,” Enson said.

His passion for cars is evident by the number Enson owns which is more than someone can count on one hand.

“I have seven cars which are spread between my garage, street and car workshop,” he said.

Enson is proud of his collection and has also picked custom plates which highlight the models of his beloved cars.

His R34 Signature plate fits like a glove on his R34 Nissan Skyline. Also perfectly matched to his car is Enson’s RB0026 Deluxe plate which is a reference to the car’s engine and his S66O Custom Mix plate which reflects the model of his rare Japanese Honda S660 Kei car, imported all the way from the country itself. Very kawaii!

“It was the ultimate finishing touch for my Kei and really made it stand out when I drove it.

“If a new model comes out in a car I like, I will quickly jump online to get the custom plates to match it,” he said.

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Photos top to bottom: Some of Enson’s impressive car and custom plates collection.

A custom plates collector

A custom plates collector