Corey grew up in Broken Hill and spent most of his time around the Darling-Barka river country in Menindee, New South Wales.

“I've always wanted to own personalised plates that pay respect to my mother's tribe and country,” Corey said.

As a proud Paakantyi man, Corey chose BRKNGI for his plates, taking inspiration from the word, ‘Barkindji’ which references the communities living in the Darling-Barka area.

“It’s a real head-turner once people realise what it means,” he said.

Corey now lives in Mildura which is home to the First People of the Millewa Mallee.

Describing his hometown as an oasis in the middle of the outback, Corey often does the drive back to regional New South Wales to visit his big family.

Corey’s Suzuki Vitara has seen plenty of vast land and has even completed a journey from Mildura to Cairns and back.

“This car is tougher than my dad’s land cruiser,” Corey said with a laugh.

Travelling through Barkindji land with his BRKNGI custom plates gives special meaning to each journey Corey goes on. Corey captures these journeys through his artwork Miiki Puuri Mandi which means ‘for the eyes and spirit’.

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