“I think she looks boss as!”

Steph recalls her first impression of her new Jeep Wrangler. She loves the look of it so much that she’s even given her new ride a name – Tank the Wrangler.

“When I first sat down in it, it felt like a tank as I was so used to driving smaller cars,” Steph said.

Steph immediately knew her ST3PHK Custom Mix plates would be a perfect fit after working hard to buy a Jeep since getting her Learners license at 16.

“Most people are surprised to see me hop out of this huge car, especially in Gippsland where it stands out.

“I like that people are shocked I own this car as it makes it more special to have my name on it,” she said.

Wanting to know Victoria’s backyard better, Steph is about to embark on a journey of a lifetime with her partner along the Great Ocean Road.

Celebrating their fourth anniversary together and giving Tank the Wrangler a chance to spread its wheels, Steph has learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life and be grateful for what they currently have.

“This time encouraged me to live more, do more and simple things like being able to go for a drive and experience adventures have become really important,” she said.

“I love living in the country where I’m smack bang in the middle of stunning landscapes – the Ninety Mile Beach at one end and rolling green hills on the other.”

Follow Steph’s adventures at @tank.the.wrangler. Want to express yourself like Steph? Check out our Custom Plates range here: www.vplates.com.au/browse-styles

Steph Kay