Yoda Star Wars Custom Number Plate

Paul grew up with Star Wars when it first launched on our screens in 1977 and from there, he was determined to keep the connection alive with the characters into adulthood.

Already sporting an impressive tattoo sleeve filled with his favourite Star Wars characters, Paul brought up the idea with his wife about going the next step – getting a custom plate dedicated to his adoration for Star Wars.

“My wife surprised me with the YODA73 plate for my birthday and added in my birth year to make it really personal and special,” Paul said.

“I was surprised this combination was still available but it’s a perfect choice and I love it.”

While only having the plates for three short weeks, Paul has already been receiving curious looks at his plates with some even taking photos.

“My car has increased in popularity with other drivers slowing down to look at my plates and as long as it’s not the police, I’m fine with this newfound attention,” he said with laughter.

Paul was four years old when he first watched a Star Wars movie and the sci-fi storyline had him hooked, with reminders of the popular movie franchise never far.

“I’ve seen another car on numerous occasions with JEDI on it which I find quite funny,” Paul said.

Try your luck like Paul and see if your combination is still available.

Paul Taylor Star Wars Tattoo