Cristy Worsteling on what gender balance means to her in the fishing community

6 Mar 2019

We recently partnered up with Australian fishing legend, Paul Worsteling, to find out more about his business and how his Custom Plates help promote his brand: IFISH 

He and his wife, Cristy Worsteling, both share an intense passion for fishing. 

Cristy was willing and excited to answer our questions related to this year’s International Women’s Day theme: Balance For Better. She talked about being a woman in the fishing community and how she thinks we can achieve a more gender-balanced world.

Paul and Cristy Worsteling

Paul and Cristy with their respective IFISH Custom Plates that they’ve both had for over 20 years

What do you love about fishing?

Everything!! I love that it has no boundaries; anybody can pick up a rod and fish. It is something you can begin at any stage of your life - whether it is as a child or as a retiree. But most importantly I love that fishing brings friends, families and even strangers together in an outdoor environment to enjoy our beautiful country.

What does gender balance mean to you? 

Stereotypically, fishing is known as a male-dominated hobby. I have worked in a fishing store for over 25 years and it thrills me to say that the number of females that come through the store, has significantly increased in that time. One of the beautiful evolutions of gender balance in my time in fishing is that a female fisho is now revered by the males. I find that males love and even encourage women to fish. It used to be more common for male mates to fish together but now we see husband and wife teams and/or fathers taking their daughters fishing. I just really feel like that wall has been broken down and that the fishing community as a whole is really embracing gender balance.

You and Paul are both working parents. How do you both find the time to balance both your personal and professional life? 

This is a priority for us. You have to work very hard at it and remember how precious your time is with your children. We have been lucky enough to include Jet (our son) in some of our professional life and for that we are very grateful. When we have time off, we like to work out what we can do as a family. He is already 12 years old and we are well aware that his childhood is flying by! So yes, it is extremely important to us that we make the effort to make memories together now. It does help that our favourite thing to do as a trio is to fish!

Paul and Cristy Worsteling and large fish

How would you influence your fans to help build a more gender-balanced world? 

Honesty. You have to let people believe that it’s ok to be YOU. They see me post a picture in a fancy dress & high heels and hair & makeup done and a lot of people think ‘well she wouldn’t like fishing or getting her hands dirty’. Then the next day I’ll post a picture and be in shorts, a top covered in fish guts, “boat hair” and be just as happy. Don’t let stereotypes define you as a woman. You are allowed to love whatever you want.  The only person who can define you, is yourself. Be the difference. Dreams are free, so dream big!