Starting out as a body-builder in a former life and forging a career path in health and fitness, Mary Ellen has since found her true calling – supporting Victorians with various health needs.

Mary Ellen works for Cherry Care – an organisation that empowers people to stay independent and connected to society and community.

“Many people in our community experience loneliness and need assistance during vulnerable times so our services include spending time with them, enabling them to go on holidays or simply making sure they have breakfast and the daily newspaper waiting for them each morning,” Mary Ellen said.

Mary Ellen’s custom plate, MRYELN, is her name in shorthand and is an expression of who she is and the role she plays in the community, showing honour to the name her mum gave her. Her five-year old pup, Nova, is often seen riding in the back and brought along as a therapy dog when Mary Ellen visits patients.

“We’re well known with local doctors and the community who understand our mission to provide genuine care for those who need support for overall health and wellbeing,” Mary Ellen said.

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