PARBTI plate

Our custom plate community are connected through a shared passion to express themselves wherever they go and for Dipak, he chose to pay a touching tribute to his mum.

Dipak’s custom plate might not mean much to others on the road but to him, it has a very special meaning.

In memory of his mum, Dipak picked the combination PARBTI, to acknowledge his mum’s name – Parbati. It’s a subtle reminder that Dipak’s mum is there, everywhere he goes.

Often our customers see a custom plate as an extension of themselves and things they care about. Some proudly show where they grew up while others like to share their favourite football colours.

“My mum did a lot for me, travelling from Nepal and helping me look after my son when he was born,” Dipak said.

“When she passed away, I really wanted to do something where it felt like she was still with me.

“Instead of remembering my registration number when I look at my plates now, I remember my mum.”

As the third son of four, Dipak’s brothers in Nepal are proud that he can pay tribute to his mum in a way where she will always be a part of his life.