Most won’t know Gabbi personally but one look at her car and GABZ.94 plates and it will be like meeting an old friend. 

Gabbi’s Volkswagen Golf is special because it’s her first car and is hard to miss. 

With nearly 100 stickers on the back of her car, Gabbi’s personality shines through. 

“Stickers are like tattoos for my car and reflect my love of tattoos – I have 20 on my body!” Gabbi said. 

“I’m interested in art and being able to express myself so I wanted a plate that showed the real me.” 

“Originally I was going to just get my name but then I came across the Wonder Woman plates which fit in so well with the stickers already on my car,” she said.   

Gabbi sees Wonder Woman as a strong role model and encourages women to stay true to who they are. 

“For others thinking about buying a new car or plate, find something that represents the real you that you want to show to the world.”

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Gabbi's Car