Clive runs a not-for-profit paranormal investigation business in Shepparton after experiencing a significant moment when he was 13 years old.

“It felt like an out-of-body experience when I was waiting for a train to pass where I witnessed a traumatic scene of a woman crossing the tracks not aware of the approaching train,” Clive said.

Since then, Clive developed a keen interest in paranormal activity before starting his business six years ago.

His van which comes complete with a ghostly figure on the side and 2CASPA plates is home to special equipment and cameras designed to capture paranormal activity.

The CASPA plates which stand for Country Assessment Study Paranormal Activity is designed on our Aussie plates – a nod to the countryside where Clive grew up.

“We receive a large number of requests to come out and inspect homes right across Shepparton and nearby areas,” he said.

Clive remembers one customer from Benalla who discovered his table shaking and lifting off the ground when he was napping on the couch.

“We got in there straight away after getting the call and our equipment was going ballistic,” he said.

Showing no fear, Clive and his team of 18 visit numerous locations which have reports of paranormal activity including local cemeteries, the old Serviceton Railway Station and Pleasant Creek Hospital in Stawell.

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