With a tight production run from 2000 to 2006, the BMW M3 E46 got the hearts of sports car fans racing, leaving the Y2K bug in its dusty trail with its captivating hum.

BMW sold 85,000 cars of its third generation BMW M3, making it the most successful model to date.

It certainly made a lasting impression on Nanu who snapped up an impressive custom plate collection paying tribute to this legendary model.

Nanu has seven custom plates showing each year the BMW M3 E46 was in production with reference to the model’s powerful S54 straight-six engine.

“I bought the collection this year and it was meant to be as they were all available,” Nanu said.

While some might think the plates are on rotation on Nanu’s car, the collection of Custom Mix in Black Tuxedo plates is kept safe in its boxes as a surprise gift to his son and daughter.

“Cars are a big passion for me and something I want to pass on to my children,” he said.

Working in his family’s petrol station from an early age, Nanu was constantly surrounded by cars and every time a BMW M3 came in, it would catch his eye.

In addition to this unique collection of BMW M3 themed plates, Nanu has seven others.

“I think that’s enough for now.”

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