Shake it up and mix your numbers and letters together

Custom Mix plate

Our Custom Mix style lets you include a mix of letters and numbers in your combination. This style doesn’t come with a separator or space, so be as creative as you want with your combination!


Good to know

  • Combinations must be between 4-6 characters and start with a letter.
  • The letter O is compatible with this range, although the number zero (0) isn’t.
  • This style is only available in our classic standard size. Slimline is not available.

Plate images are a guide only. There may be small variations to colour and spacing.

Combination options
Available Colours
Size Slogan Price
  • A1AAAA to Z9ZZZZ
  • AAA1AA to ZZZ9ZZ
  • AAAA1A to ZZZZ9Z
  • AA1AAA to ZZ9ZZZ
  • A11AAA to Z99ZZZ
  • AAA11A to ZZZ99Z
  • A1AAA1 to Z9ZZZ9
  • AA1AA1 to ZZ9ZZ9
  • AAA1A1 to ZZZ9Z9
  • A1AA1A to Z9ZZ9Z
  • A1A1AA to Z9Z9ZZ
  • AA1A1A to ZZ9Z9Z
  • A1AAA to Z9ZZZ
  • AAA1A to ZZZ9Z
  • AA1AA to ZZ9ZZ
  • A111AA to Z999ZZ
  • AA111A to ZZ999Z
  • A11AA1 to Z99ZZ9
  • AA11A1 to ZZ99Z9
  • A1AA11 to Z9ZZ99
  • AA1A11 to ZZ9Z99
  • A1A11A to Z9Z99Z
  • A11A1A to Z99Z9Z
  • A1A1A1 to Z9Z9Z9
  • A1AA1 to Z9ZZ9
  • AA1A1 to ZZ9Z9
  • AA11A1 to ZZ99Z9
  • A11AA to Z99ZZ
  • A1A1A to Z9Z9Z
  • AA11A to ZZ99Z
  • AA1A to ZZ9Z
  • A1AA to Z9ZZ
  • A1111A to Z9999Z
  • A11A11 to Z99Z99
  • A111A1 to Z999Z9
  • A1A111 to Z9Z999
  • #000000 Black Tuxedo
  • #a29161 Gold
  • #a7a9ac Silver
  • #FFFFFF White
  • #be046a Candy Pink
  • #de0829 Chilli Red
  • #5a943a Granny Smith Green
  • #006b52 Green with Envy
  • #002163 In The Navy
  • #9E9BC7 Lavender
  • #49176D Phantom
  • #de7b19 Mango Tango
  • #191919 Matte Black
  • #006bbe Matte Blue
  • #4a4a52 Matte Grey
  • #e66bad Matte Pink
  • #84428c Matte Purple
  • #ffef00 Mellow Yellow
  • #842121 Merlot
  • #523a29 Mocha Chocca
  • #d61073 Pink Flamingo
  • #006bbe True Blue

Standard - 372mm (w) x 132mm (h)

Slimline - Not available

"VIC" centered at top of plate
  • 30 Colour options: $495* 
  • Gold or Silver: $595*

Plate colours preview

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*All prices are shown in Australian dollars. Prices/specifications are subject to change without notice. Representations of plates provided on this page are for illustration purposes only, final products may vary slightly from what is displayed on-screen. Plates displayed on this page are not necessarily available for sale.

Please note: If you need to purchase a plate under a company name you must visit a VicRoads Customer Service Centre 8:30am-4:30pm Monday to Friday.