Two cars at a Maccas car park

Affectionately named ‘Subzie’, Zac’s Subaru is a regular around the Australian car audio circuit.

A highly anticipated event each month, dedicated car enthusiasts gather to compete against each other to see who’s prized subwoofers can produce the best and loudest sound.

Competing for the past three years, Zac celebrated his 21st birthday at his first audio competition at Autobarn Narre Warren. He didn’t win but went on to compete successfully at future competitions and eventually met his match.

A love match made in car audio heaven, Zac met his girlfriend, Hayley, at a competition in Autobarn Clayton in July last year. Also a car enthusiast and a regular at car audio competitions, Hayley created the custom plate, DBGIRL to place proudly on her Mitsubishi Lancer. DB, being short for ‘decibels’.

The audio power couple travelled to Wollongong to compete in the 2019 Victorian DB Drag Racing Auto Sound Competition where Zac’s Subzie was crowned the Australian champion.

This was followed by another interstate trip in March 2020 where the couple competed in their second DB drag event.

“We’re fairly competitive with each other but this was a really special event as we came home with five trophies between us,” Zac said.

The DB Drag Race is a global competition where winners can choose to go on and compete in North America.

“I didn’t know how big this was, but I had people from across the United States congratulating me on social media after I won the Australian title,” he said.

Zac loves the sound his subwoofers make but is respectful driving through neighbourhood streets.

“I have my sound on very low as I have six subs at the moment.”

Spending more than $30,000 already on subwoofers and special car sound systems, Zac isn’t slowing down any time soon.

“I’m thinking of getting two more subs in my car which are a lot bigger,” Zac said.

“It’s not the cheapest hobby but it’s worth it”.

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