FAQs- Custom Plates Price Increase- July 2017

9 June 2017

Custom Plates price increase


3 July 2017

As at 3 July 2017, Custom Plates replacement, Slimline, Slimline Black, Slimline General Issue and Pop prices will be increasing by $5-$10.

Q1. What plates are affected by the price increase?

Product Current Price  New price as of July 3rd 2017
Slimline $40 per plate $45 per plate
Slimline Black  $160 per set $170 per set
Slimline General Issue $40 per plate $45 per plate
Pop (change the colour of your existing plate $160 per set $170 per set
Replacement (one plate )* $115 $125
Replacement (two plates)* $160 $170

* The replacement price increase does not apply to:  Deluxe, Deluxe Motorcycle, Euro Premium, Prestige, Signature, Heritage, AFL Premiership, Ford Premium, FPV Premium, Holden Premium, HSV Premium, Grand Prix and Lucky.

Q2. Which custom plates are affected by the Slimline plate price increase?

The changes will affect all Slimline size plate sizes except Prestige, Signature, Grand Prix, Ford Premium, FPV Premium, Holden Premium, HSV Premium and Lucky. The price of Slimline is already included in the price of these plates.

Q3. What is the reason for the price increase?

Custom Plates has been impacted by an increase in manufacturing, distribution and business costs and the price increase offsets these extra costs.

Q4. Does the price of Custom Plates increase each year?

We are always reluctant to increase our prices despite rising manufacturing costs. The last price increase was in January 2016. At this stage there is no plan to increase the price of custom plates on a yearly basis, however this is subject to change without notice.

Q5. Do I have to pay this much?

Purchasing a custom plate is entirely optional. It provides the opportunity to be unique and add personality to your car. The price increase does not apply to all products, for example the price of a Standard set of custom plates has not risen, and will remain at $495.

Q6. How much do other states charge?

Even with the price increases applied, the price of Victorian Custom Plates remains lower than other Australian states mainly because we don’t charge annual fees for custom plates. You can access the plate fees for each state by visiting their websites.

Q7. Where do the funds from the sale of a Custom Plate go?

When purchasing a custom plate you are not only guaranteeing that your car will be one of a kind on the road, but you’re helping to fund road safety and improvement projects across Victoria.

The funds from the Custom Plates price increase will ensure we can continue to support these important initiatives.

Q8. I have a brochure that states the cost of a slimline plate is $40 per plate, do I now have to pay the increased cost?

The price increase is effective from 3 July 2017. Any purchases made from this date forward will incur the new price. Our brochures and price list advise that prices are subject to change without notice. All brochures and price list are being updated to reflect the new prices.

For more information on all the Custom Plates products available please refer to the individual product pages.

Q9. The VicRoads registration & TAC fees is already expensive and also increasing from 3 July 2017. Now with the Custom Plates prices increasing also - it’s just too expensive to run a car in Victoria.

The VicRoads registration and TAC fees increase on an annual basis in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Your car must be registered to be allowed on public roads in Victoria, whereas, purchasing a Custom Plate is entirely optional. For more information on the VicRoads registration & TAC fees please click here.