Image of 3 vehicle and their owners

At Custom Plates, we love to hear from our customers about how and why they chose their plates.

When Trieu reached out to us regarding our Aussie plate range, we were surprised to learn that he was after three combinations.

When we asked Trieu what the plates were for he shared his story with us…

“My friends and I came to Australia from different places in Vietnam. We emigrated to Swan Hill in early 2008 and went on to study a Diploma of Horticulture Production at the same college. We have stayed friends ever since.

The plates represent the names of our hometowns in Vietnam where we were born. Australia, where we live now, has become our second home. The Aussie plates we all have commemorate our 10 years of friendship since coming to Australia.

I own the GOCONG (Gò Công) Audi A5, Tri owns the SIGON (Saigon) Toyota CH-R, and Nhung owns the DAKMIL (Đăk Mil) Toyota CH-R.

We came from different parts of our country, but Australia is where we became friends and we are very proud to call Australia home.”

Stories like Trieu’s humble us here at Custom Plates as his plates have allowed and encouraged him to represent his love for both the country he was born in and the country that’s welcomed him and his friends for the past ten years. We feel fortunate that we can support Trieu, his friends and others like him who choose to call Australia their home.

Do you have a Custom Plate story to share with us? Contact us on [email protected] if you have a story to share as we’d love to feature you.