Swerving to avoid colliding into a staff member at Japan’s well-known petrol station, Eneos, provided a memorable trip for Blaire and from there, his custom plate name was born.

“The petrol stations aren’t self-serve in Japan so I wasn’t expecting someone to pop out from the bowser to fill up my petrol,” Blaire said.

“I did give the petrol station assistant a fright but thankfully she’s okay and laughed after learning we weren’t locals.”

This memory along with his fondness for Japan was captured in his ENEOS custom plates and always brings a smile to his face when he looks at them.

Blaire naturally chose our popular Japanese plate style to complement his bright yellow Suzuki Swift.

“Eneos is also one of the major sponsors of my favourite Drift team in Japan,” Blaire explains.

Blaire’s love for the country’s famous Drift Motorsports is an interest which stemmed from a motorsports DVD his dad gave him when he was 10.

While Blaire’s Suzuki is his ride of choice, Blaire and his partner have a separate specially tailored car which they use for drifting.

“We do mostly circuit stuff around dedicated race tracks, just for fun.”

“We’ve been racing for two years now and it’s made us really close – we both love cars,” he said.

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