What’s your cause?

Have a worthy cause and need some plates to go with it? You’ve come to the right spot!.


The Custom Plates Community Plates Program is all about giving back.

We understand that when you buy Custom Plates it’s to help show what you’re passionate about.

Our community plates program is a way we can help you do just that and reward extraordinary Victorians for the valuable contribution they’re making. 

How does it work?

We’ll be giving away a plate every quarter as shown below.

Season Opens  Closes  Winner announced 
Autumn 1 March   31 May 2019  14 June 2019
Winter 1 June  31 August 2019  13 September 2019
Spring 1 September  31 October 2019  15 November 2019
Summer 1 December  29 February 2020  13 March 2020

You can enter your community organisation or charity up to four times a year. A VicRoads judging panel will decide the lucky recipients based on a number of factors including whether the plate will assist with fundraising and overall community benefit. For more information on how it’s judged check out our T&Cs.

Am I eligible?

There’s a few requirements you’ll need to meet to be considered a charitable, community or non-for-profit organisation. Make sure your read our T&Cs to make sure you’re eligible. If you think you should be eligible but don’t met our requirements, please contact us.

How do I apply?

It’s simple. All you need to do is fill out some key details in the form below. You’ll receive a confirmation email from us confirming your submission.  We’ll announce the winner each quarter on our social channels so make sure you follow us on either Facebook or Instagram, or both! 

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