With loads of designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect plate to accessorise your ride.  


  • Custom (black on gold)

    Get your favourite colour or match your plate to your car. With over 30 colours available, you’re spoilt for choice with our Custom range.

  • Custom (matte blue)

    Stand out with our Matte plates that have a no shine matte finish. Available in five colours from our Custom range – blue, pink, purple, black and grey.

  • Japanese plates (car symbol)

    Inspired by the real-life number plates in Japan, these plates fit nicely on Japanese imported cars and are available in two designs.

  • Deluxe plates

    Sleek and shiny, these borderless 3.0mm thick polycarbonate plates fit perfectly to your car for a seamless appearance.

  • Style plates (camo)

    These Camo plates come from our Style plates range and are available in two colours.

  • I love plates

    Wear your heart on your plate and declare your love with these plates.

  • Prestige plates (black)

    Our Prestige plates feature a unique flat font and are elegantly framed. The clean, minimalist look is the ultimate finishing touch to your car.

Looking for another style? Check out our full range of plates